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Today I'm posting a borrowed photo from somebody else's vinyl record collection. They've obviously got themselves a few choice Big Stick records in their possession... I thought I'd post this pic, in conjunction with officially announcing that there will FINALLY be a new Big Stick album release in the Spring season of this year (2018). That's right, it's been an awful looong time coming, but there are indeed 15 brand-newly recorded, mixed and mastered tracks that will be featured on a brand-spanking-new Big Stick LP- full length album. And yes, it will be available on vinyl! And of course it will also be available on CD and all the popular iTune & Spotify type downloadable formats (and it will be made easily available all over the many different global markets and international territories). And keep in mind that you can currently download the entire Big Stick back catalog on iTunes, Spotify and most of the popular cyber music sources. We're currently working with DRU's own Mike on getting the artwork, liners notes, and stuff like that together for the new record . As I've indicated on this page in the past, the release features some special guest appearances by some longtime musical friends, including Fred Schneider from the B-52s, Groovie Mann from the TKK, Jerry A. from Poison Idea, Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative/Danzig, Tom Timko, Paula Henderson, and Dave "Smoota" Smith among others... And yes, I promise all my gearhead readers that there's at least one new song on the upcoming album that's of a drag racing related nature. Stay tuned right here and for further developments...



A borrowed pic of someone else's Big Stick vinyl collection. There will be a brand NEW Big Stick record in 2018!