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It's October... Fall is here... The Autumn foliage on the trees are turning such beautiful shades and colors, and we're celebrating all the racers who aggressively launch "Out of the Hole" in a way that dazzles the fans in the grandstands... Drag Racing Underground is officially proclaiming that October is "OUT OF THE HOLE" Month!!... That's right!! "Out of the Hole" is an old school drag racing expression meaning "the start of a race" -- And there's no denying that those racers who dig their rear slicks into the pavement and raise their front wheels into the air off of the starting line, are one of the race day features that makes a trip to your local drag strip a genuine gosh, darn blast!! Some racers even dare to dance "The Twist" when launching on the green bulb! October is the month that we salute all the racers and teams who campaign cars that start each and every race with a somewhat radical launch! Below we see a photo snapped at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in scenic Englishtown, New Jersey -- It's "Little Simon" in his twisting "No Time" Malibu, pulling "Out of the Hole" in spectacular fashion for the E'Town crowd!



Drag Racing Underground officially proclaims October to be "OUT OF THE HOLE" Month! Luv the wild launches!