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Today we'd like to recognize National Teacher Appreciation Day. All too often we see the teaching profession overlooked and grossly under appreciated. From scores of emails that I've received over the years, I have been made well aware of all the many teachers who read this blog with steadfast regularity, and occasionally use some of my writings as a "teaching tool" for their knowledge hungry students-- I'm certainly somewhat proud of that fact. It makes me feel good for being able to write some blogs that are being used in classrooms all across the nation to further enlighten our impressionable American youths... I'd also like to utilize today's celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Day as a friendly reminder to encourage more teachers to make an effort to properly educate their students about the sport of drag racing, because we all know that drag racing is an activity that helps build strong character and determination in youngins.



On National Teacher Appreciation Day we salute our educators who use this drag racing blog as a teaching tool.