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I've been sort of putting off lending any of my own comments regarding last weekend's horrific Las Vegas Mandalay Bay gun massacre. It's strange how a catastrophic event where a deranged shooter named Stephen Paddock, now has our entire nation walking on eggshells, and so gosh darn afraid to address any of the more obvious issues involving the sinister mass murder. 58 people lost their lives and nearly 500 were injured, yet, we're all supposed to keep our mouths shut and move on -- I really don't get it. And yes, I'm well aware of our U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment, however, I don't believe that way back when that was written, it was done so with our forefathers' "psychic vision" of a future where one unstable individual could kill, injure and maim hundreds of innocent victims in a matter of minutes from an elevated perch, inside a hotel suite thousands of feet away. By using a gizmo called a "Bump Stock" weapon modifier, Stephen Paddock was able to turn semi-automatic weapons into fully functional rapid-fire automatic weapons, and it's a completely "legal" gun modification you can easily buy online for chump change. And yes, I know that there are lots of completely sane, rational and responsible gun owners and NRA advocates who think it's okay to stockpile countless guns n' ammo, but don't you think it's time we take a serious look at where we are with all this in relation to the safety concerns of the innocent? There's got to be some sensible compromise that can bring a little more sanity to the whole gun situation. So-called "right wingers" have a history of being stubbornly reluctant to have any conversation whatsoever of compromise on gun rules and regulations -- but I believe that's a direct result of extreme right wing media brainwashing. Charlie Sykes, an admittedly former "right wing talk radio star" recently released a book titled "How the Right Lost Its Mind" -- the book is written by an author who even takes some responsibility for how a faction of the right has seemingly lost its moral compass, and even its ability to decipher fact from fiction. It's an honest and eye-opening read, no matter what your political leanings... In closing, I want to express my sympathies for the victims and affected families of last weekend's Las Vegas gun massacre. For those innocent shooting victims who lost life and will never be able to speak their opinions on what happened, let's please try to do at least something to reduce the risk of these sort of tragedies occurring again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, like they seem to be doing of late...