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Today we have the trusty Stephanie substituting for The Doc. At this time Doc is either occupied with her Big Stick music related work, and/or her fine-art sculpture related responsibilities (as she will be increasingly frequently over the period of the next several months or so)... We believe that Doc will hopefully be back on the clock for Monday's edition of this popular blog installment... Of course on Sunday (tomorrow), we will be running our regularly scheduled 'SUNDAY FUNNIES THAT AREN'T NECESSARILY THAT FUNNY' feature, which I now help editorially administrate for Drag Racing Underground, each and every single weekend with the help of Doc's ever insightful guidance and oversight... Please enjoy Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day... This installment features a photograph that's so dear to my heart. It's a shot of both Doc (right) and myself (left) laughing it up in the pit area at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. I occasionally post this photo to remind me of how thankful I am to have the friendship of a woman as wonderful as Doc. She's truly an inspiration to me, just as she is to so many women across the globe who admire her vast achievements, as well as her incredible strength and courage to speak the truth, even in situations where speaking the truth isn't necessarily the most popular thing to do. I love the way I'm holding the clipboard that I use to make notes when Doc comes up with concepts that she believes will be beneficial for the important work she does. I'm so thankful for Doc and all she does to make this world of ours a much better place. We're all thankful for the service she so selflessly provides for the drag racing community. How I love this photograph and simply adore The Doc.




Substitute Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day features Stephanie (me on the left) and the wonderful Doc (right).