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Hi! Substitute Stephanie here, as you probably are already well aware, I'm Doc's longtime trusty assistant. I'm the gal who often helps Doc out with this blog, usually with my "Substitute Stephanie's Snapshot of the Day" feature, while Doc's busy with her Big Stick, sculpturing and other artistic pursuits. Today I'm filling in for her, because Doc's busy with some last minute Christmas shopping and her usual seasonal volunteer work for the poor and disadvantaged... Below is my favorite photograph of Doc and me, I'm standing on the left, Doc's on the right, and for this Christmas Eve blog, we've added some spectacular Santa hats to our drag strip wardrobes... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever this season means to you, and may it be an enjoyable and safe holiday... Try to be thankful for all we have in this world... Sincerely Yours, Substitute Stephanie



That's me Stephanie on the left, and my great leader and friend Doc on the right hamming it up for the holidays