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I originally had something else planned for today's blog installment, however, I just now abruptly found out about the passing of veteran drag racing photographer Tim Marshall, and I believe it's now necessary to use today's blog to recognize Tim and pay our respects to the man. Tim Marshall's drag racing photography career resume' probably goes back in time further than just about anybody else you'll see at the drag strip these days. I'm told Tim's been documenting drag racing with a camera for over fifty years. I didn't really know the man, but those people who I do know, who did know him well, insist that Tim was an incredibly genuine and kind person. And that he was always willing to share both his knowledge of drag racing history and drag racing photography with anyone who would ask him to. As most of you who read this blog with regularity are already well aware, I always advocate strongly for showing respect to those men and women who go through all the hassles and grunt work it takes to document drag racing, so in the case of Tim Marshall, I suggest we multiply that respect by one thousand, because Tim Marshall is a guy who definitely deserves maximum respect and admiration for his lifetime of service to the sport. Rest In Peace.



Tim Marshall photo courtesy of his dear friend Jamie Shores Fraijo