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Today I decided to do my very own "State of the Union" address as related to our world of E'Town drag racing. The theme of today's narrative is the preservation of our drag racing history. With the announcement of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park (E'Town) discontinuing all drag racing related operations, I feel that the preserving of Raceway Park's drag racing history must now be seriously considered... Here at Drag Racing Underground, we possess massive amounts of on-track video footage, racer interviews, and photo image archives that feature countless days, nights and hours of E'Town history recorded from over three decades. We'd like to see all our Raceway Park related history be accurately archived, documented, preserved, and made readily accessible for public viewing, possibly through the internet or some practical electronic format... This should be done and documented so that not only those of us among the living in the "here and now" can enjoy and learn from it, but also to insure that future generations will also be able to see, study and appreciate all this precious drag racing history. Perhaps some benevolent race related business and/or philanthropist, who shares the opinion that this is indeed history worth preserving, would want to step up, and provide the financial resources to help implement this kind of project. That's the only way a project this massive and time/labor intensive can be properly executed. If anyone reading this would like to help make this possible, or has any viable ideas or suggestions in this vein, I ask that you please speak up. You can contact me and Drag Racing Underground by clicking on the "Contact Us" link feature that's located on the top right of this page. I'd certainly be willing to read any and all offers, ideas and suggestions, and discreetly respect any request(s) for confidentiality if you should so desire.



My first State of the Union address calls for preserving Old  Bridge Township Raceway Park drag racing history