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Today I feel overwhelmingly compelled to once again write some more words of genuine concern for all our dear brothers and sisters of the drag racing community residing in Southern California. The historically dangerous wildfires that are currently destroying hundreds of thousands of acres are a most disheartening sight to see. With credible news reports of massive mandatory evacuations, power outages, and widespread loss of homes and property, we can only hope that this will all come to an end sooner than later. Let's pray that better containment of the various blazes will become the reality. Despite occasional breaks in the strong Santa Ana winds, it still remains a miserably difficult battle to fight against the fierce and aggressively spreading flames. The Thomas Fire has burned more than 1000 buildings, and is now in its second week of terrorizing local residents. Folks are starting to flee in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Friends in the area who I've recently spoken by phone with, complain of the thick, smoky, unhealthy air that's now become the new normal. We're thinking of all the courageous firefighters who are dueling with this catastrophe in such brutally hot and dry conditions. And of course we mourn the loss of fallen fireman Cory David Iverson. Our condolences to Cory's family. We wish that all affected can find the strength to endure, and be capable of getting back to a somewhat normal existence once this nasty natural disaster comes to a conclusion. Try your best to hang in there for now...