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Believe it or not, the month of December is finally upon us, and quite frankly, we're in the thick tail-end of it now... Therefore, it's once again worth bringing to everyone's attention, that we here at Drag Racing Underground have officially proclaimed December as being  "DOORSLAMMER APPRECIATION MONTH"... It's no secret that the Dragsters and Funny Cars get a heck of a lot of starstruck attention in the sport of drag racing. However, those of us who are really in the know, often refer to the door cars as the "silent majority" among the novice fan population -- You see, the truth is, there really are droves more cars with doors competing on the drag strips of the world, than there are floppers and diggers. It is the doorslammers that make up the backbone of straightline accelerating racing -- There's the street cars, bracket cars, stock & super stockers, comp cars, top sportsman, pro stockers, pro mods, and many other different variations of classes that feature vehicles with working doors. So this December, let's not overlook the doorslammer racers and cars who fill up the pits and storm down the strip. We sincerely honor and salute the wide array of race machinery with doors and those racers and teams who vigorously campaign them.



Veteran doorslammer dignitary Greg Anderson and his Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock Chevy Camaro.