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Rick "Surf" Stambaugh passed away Fri, May 13. Rick was one of the few people involved with the current Nostalgia Funny Car scene/revival who actually participated in the "real thing" back in the 1970s. Up in the banner here on the Drag Racing Underground site, there's a couple of pics of the Stambaugh "New Generation" red Corvette-- We decided to include Rick's car in our main banner, not just 'cause it's a groovy lookin' ride, but because we genuinely like Rick a whole lot. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Rick at ETown's Nostalgia Summernats/Funny Car Reunion. He was there with his "New Generation" 'Vette flopper. The car piloted by Rick's son, Matt, with daughter Robin crewing. Rick was a really nice guy, I know that, 'cause he was real nice to me. Rick was a gentleman. I sincerely hope that Rick's death isn't in vain among the Nostalgia Funny Car community-- I hope those currently involved with this scene who choose to represent it with little or no sense of respect and dignity will take a lesson from Rick, the way Rick acted and treated people-- If everyone in the scene carried themselves like Rick did, and represented this scene with the kind of class that he did, we'd be in a much better place. You can see my interview with Rick on our FUNNY CAR REUNION RAW dvd. I watched my interview with Rick this morning-- Yeah, we're lucky that Rick decided to be a part of the scene. Rick Stambaugh will definitely be remembered by lots of us. Our condolences to his family. R.I.P.