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Apologies to everyone who arrived at this blog page the other day only to find it down, thankfully my trusty cyber crew got it back up and running (WOW, the traffic to this page is going through the roof-- Thanks to YOU!)... I'm pretty psyched about this new & improved web site of ours. If you haven't clicked on the "Photo Gallery" yet, I suggest you do so. We've got a whole bunch of never released to the general public photos that you can now feast your peepers on! There's truly something for everyone-- Nitro Cars, Outlaw Doorslammers, Nostalgia stuff, My Personal Photos, etc-- Check it out. I'm glad that I was the only one on the drag racing internet capable of clearing up the false rumors that Chaz Bono will be playing the role of the late great "Jungle Jim" in a feature film. However, if a movie is being produced about legendary Pro Stock racer Larry Morgan, then possibly Chaz Bono would be the right man for the leading role. Today's a recording studio day for me-- Gotta get ready for that-- C-Ya-- Rock On 'n' All That...