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All you "Mopar Or No Car" folks take note that the MOPARS AT ETOWN & LX FORUMS MODERN MOPAR NATIONALS happens May 14 & 15. It's certainly one of the "Top 10" fave races for me. Although I'm known to surround myself with muscled-up Fords, I openly confess to also being a "Mopar Gal" at heart. Some of us recall how WILDGIRL of WFMU-FM fame was hardcore Mopar-- Driving her trick "Dart Swinger"- She even raced the car at this event. We'll have to see if our friend Johnny Kelly (of Type O Negative, Seventh Void, Danzig fame) will be comin' out. Johnny is touring with Danzig as I write this-- Danzig are scheduled for the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ Sat night May 14th-- Hmmm-- Maybe Johnny will be able to fit the Mopar event into his schedule somehow?-- Johnny recently played/recorded drums on our (Big Stick) "Hoochie Express" track-- He's one of the best naturally talented drummers I know. Johnny occasionally races his sweet '70 SuperBee at the E'Town Mopar event. (There's a pic of Johnny and the car in my Personal Photo Gallery here on the site) He drove the "Bee" to our recording session in South River, NJ-- Johnny loves his "Bee"-- So do I-- Props today to all Moms... And Mopar lovers too.