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Reports that I'm getting from friends and relatives scattered up and down the coast confirm that while "Hurricane Irene" didn't necessarily pack the punch that forecasters predicted, she still managed to make lots of people miserable. There are so many folks who still don't have power. Flooding is causing major problems. I admit that my homes and properties lucked out and didn't suffer any major damage, however, I do understand that it really is just a matter of "luck", because when hurricanes pass through, it's such a random spin of the wheel, and throw of the dice, whether or not it will be naughty or nice-- You really don't know where it is, or isn't, going to strike. My thoughts & prayers for all my many readers who are still dealing with the ugly aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Hang in there... Switching gears... You can now listen to NPR's "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of their HEARING VOICES show with a free MP3 download. Featuring "classic" BIG STICK (like our "DRAG RACING" hit), and also a sneak preview of our new "DRAGUMENTARY" track (Featuring the voices of some familiar Doorslammer & Nostalgia Funny Car Stars!). Our dear friend WILDGIRL is also featured on the show. Hear Steve Evans from Long Beach. "Flamin' Betty" from Bonneville and much more! Following is a link address to the "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" web page, there you can read about all the different gearhead stuff featured on the show (including BIG STICK & yours truly), complete with links to various related places (including the BIG STICK web site), and of course you'll have direct access to play the free MP3 of the entire 52min show. Here's the url address, copy and paste to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/2011/08/hv121-engine-overdrive/

The folks at NPR's (National Public Radio's) "HEARING VOICES" show made the special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of their radio show available for FREE download in MP3 format! You can listen for free on your computer. I put the link address to their web site at the end of today's blog. That will take you to a page on their web site that tells you about everything featured on the show, and gives you a direct link to play an MP3 of the entire 52:00 show. You'll hear BIG STICK's classic "DRAG RACING" track, our "YOU BETTER NOT BE SPENDING NO MONEY ON NO RACECAR" from the PRO DRAG LP, and a special sneak preview of our brand new "DRAGUMENTARY" track, a song to be featured on our upcoming release, with genuine drag racer sound bites from E-Town Raceway Park, real at-the-strip car audio, and Tom Timko (Aretha Franklin, Shakira) playin' horn with a groove that will entice your earlobes. You'll also hear our dear friend WILDGIRL of WFMU fame. WILDGIRL talks about an article in the IHRA 'zine about Cleo Chandler written by Bret Kepner, at the end of the Cleo Chandler segment, that's me, yours truly, saying the solemn "Amen". Steve Evans from Long Beach (it sounds like Steve?), "Flamin' Betty" from Bonneville, NASCAR culture craziness, Harley high-jinx, etc... Host Barrett Golding and his staff put together a great collection of gearhead soundbites. We were flattered to have Barrett tell us that the BIG STICK and WILDGIRL features are "the glue that held the whole show together". We appreciate him sayin' that. When you go to the ENGINE OVERDRIVE web page, you'll get to read and learn more about BIG STICK and DRAG RACING UNDERGROUND, complete with links to the BIG STICK web site and several other neat places. And of course you'll have direct access to play the free MP3 of the show!! Here's the url address, copy and paste to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/2011/08/hv121-engine-overdrive/

Much like Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, "Hurricane IRENE" stumbled her way through the Jersey Shore, knocking over chairs and making a drunken-like mess of coastline property. Cape May, NJ, got hammered pretty hard. Just about every town along the coast got a beating. Fortunately, "IRENE" did not produce the kind of winds that some weather forecasters earlier predicted, so despite the fact that flooding and some damage was done, it could have been much worse. I'm genuinely thankful to have survived Irene's wrath. I know there were some fatalities and injures as a result of the hurricane, even though they were at a minimum, our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones. Like the late, great Peter Steele of Type O Negative used to say, "Count your fingers and the continents", we're lucky to still have both relatively intact.... Switching gears-- I'm glad to report that the special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of NPR's (National Public Radio's) "HEARING VOICES" show was a smashing success. The episode producer, Barrett Golding, did a fine job of assembling motorsport related audio clips and creating a stunning sound sensation. Of course you heard some "classic" BIG STICK, as well as a sneak preview of our "DRAGUMENTARY" track from our upcoming release-- "DRAGUMENTARY" is quite the robust drag racing track, that features a lil help from our horn playin' friend Tom Timko (Aretha Franklin, Shakira). Our good buddy WILDGIRL also was featured on the show, with some clips of her from our HOT FROM THE STRIP cd. The world loves WILDGIRL. You can find our HOT FROM THE STRIP cd here on the site. Thanks to all of my many readers who listened to the show. I believe the show will be available for listening on the HEARING VOICES web site soon, here's a link to a page on their site that will help you with that, and where you can also read more about BIG STICK's role in drag racing culture and on the "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" episode, copy and paste to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/2011/08/hv121-engine-overdrive/

Just days ago we felt the proverbial "earth move under our feet" when we felt the effects of the earthquake that originated in Virginia. Now we've got this "irate" Irene Hurricane System passing through with the fury of a zillion diggers banging the blower, and a trillion doorslammers bursting the bellhousing. Yep, it's "Mother Nature's" End of Summer Spectacular. More than enough wind, rain, and tide swells to keep us on the edge of our seats. Lots of people already losing power in places like Cape May, NJ. Basements across the east coast are flooding like fish tanks. There's a slew of "mandatory evacuation" notices issued by municipalities who believe it's too darn dangerous for folks to remain in their homes. For all my loyal readers who are in harm's way, meaning, those who are in the way of "Hurricane Irate Irene", just like yours truly, I hope that you and your family come out of this relatively unscathed. Best wishes that your property remains intact, and no bodily harm comes to you or your loved ones... It's Sunday, that means you'll be able to hear BIG STICK on a special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of the "HEARING VOICES" show on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 122 from 3-4pm ET, 2-3pm CT, and 7-8pm ET, 6-7pm CT. If you don't have Sirius Satellite Radio, here's a url of a web page from the "HEARING VOICES" web site that list all the regular radio station that carry the show, and when they air it. Copy and paste to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/series/stations/


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The evening after we had the earthquake in my region of the nation, I was sitting in a pizzeria, one of the "political" channels was blaring out of a TV set. That Dennis Miller guy was making a point of the way the Japanese behaved so graciously when suffering through their recent tsunami nuclear knock-out punch, compared to the panic-prone disorder and selfishness we witnessed through the media during our recent earthquake. Miller said something like that if we ever had a major disaster, he thinks within three hours we'd become cannibalistic, of course he said it somewhat jokingly, but yesterday what he said appeared to ring a little painfully true. Yesterday all the streets, highways, byways and stores were a Holy Mess!! People were driving like wayward ants, cutting each other off like cockroaches... People were fleeing to stores like flies to seaweed-- Holy Cow!!-- Some folks conducting themselves in an extremely rude manner. Lots of "Get Out of My Way" rhetoric being babbled among enraged shoppers throughout the stores. I'm making my "exodus". I'll try to remain calm, cool and collected. The black 2000 Lincoln Continental is a pretty darn stable and weighty ride, so I feel alright about traveling. I hope all you folks reading this who are also in the path of "IRATE IRENE" manage to hang in there and handle it with a sweet dose of luck and a touch of grace... If you've been absent from this blog for a couple days, and you haven't heard about BIG STICK being featured on NPR's "HEARING VOICES" program, you can read my blogs of the last couple of days and get the skinny. It's a special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" episode of the "HEARING VOICES" show. There's going to be "classic" BIG STICK music and a sneak preview of "DRAGUMENTARY", a track from our upcoming LP. The track has racers, cars, guitars, and friend Tom Timko on a horn-- It's a nice combo. Check out those blogs from the last couple days and find out how and where you can hear the show. Thanks...

Last week I told you that we're going to try a "FEEDBACK FRIDAYS" format here on the blog, making it possible for you folks to write me via the "Contact Us" link located at the top right of this page. My trusty assistant Stephanie and I went through practically all your emails, at least the ones that were short, to the point, and didn't ramble on-- Here's what you had to say... Some of you made a valid point by bringing up the fact that you have not seen much of me at the drag strip this season. And I apologize to all of you who miss seeing me, and also miss me interviewing racers and doing all the sort of stuff that I'm usually known for doing. It's just with my current BIG STICK workload, I really have to dedicate so much of my time to the music thing. We're in the recording studio mixing, and we're actually still recording a couple of additional songs for an upcoming release. We're working with folks like Fred Schneider (B-52s), Johnny Kelly (TYPE O NEGATIVE, DANZIG, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY), Kevin Rutmanis (THE MELVINS, TOMAHAWK), I mean, BIG STICK is B-B-BUSY! Once again, I'm sorry for not having more of a presence at the strip lately. Others wrote to me about a typographical error that's been up on the description of this blog page for months, we got that fixed for you spelling sticklers. Lots of you from overseas wrote about how much you enjoy reading my blog, I'm very appreciative of my international fan base, I really am. Of course some of you still wrote that you want a "forum" back on the site, I dunno 'bout that, I don't think so... Keep those "FEEDBACK" emails comin'... And hey, speaking of the BIG STICK music thing that's taking up all my time, don't forget-- This weekend NPR's (National Public Radio's) "HEARING VOICES" show will present a special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of the program... You'll hear lots of drag racing sort of stuff... You'll also hear some "classic" BIG STICK, like our "DRAG RACING" hit, and you'll get to hear an exclusive sneak preview of our "DRAGUMENTARY" track, a track from our upcoming LP... "HEARING VOICES" will broadcast on SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio Channel 122 THIS SUNDAY from 3–4 pm ET (2–3 pm CT) AND from 7–8 pm ET, (6–7 pm CT)... For all you folks who don't subscribe to the SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio, I posted a link that will take you to a page on the official "HEARING VOICES" web site, there you'll see a listing of ALL the many radio stations across America that carry the show, and what day of the weekend and particular time they broadcast it... I'm sure you'll find a station that broadcast it in your neck of the woods... Copy and paste to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/series/stations/


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Hey folks, if you read yesterday's blog, I give you the real skinny on THIS weekend's "HEARING VOICES" radio show. The popular radio program that airs on NPR (National Public Radio). This particular weekend there's a special "ENGINE OVERDRIVE" edition of the show. You'll hear lots of hot rod and drag racing stuff on this weekend's "HEARING VOICES" radio show. That said, there's gonna be some "classic" BIG STICK featured on the show, like our "DRAG RACING" hit, as well as a special sneak preview track from our upcoming LP. It's a track titled "DRAGUMETARY", if you're a true drag racer or fan, you're not going to want to miss hearing it! Critics agree that BIG STICK has a genuine knack for capturing the true essence of drag racin' through creative and unique musical prowess. Anyways, I found out from our good friend WILDGIRL that this special "Hearing Voices" show will broadcast on SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio Channel 122 THIS SUNDAY from 3–4 pm ET (2–3 pm CT) AND from 7–8 pm ET, (6–7 pm CT). I thank WILDGIRL for that piece of valuable information... For all you folks who don't subscribe to the SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio, here's a link that will take you to a page on the official "HEARING VOICES" web site, that lists ALL the radio stations across America that carry the show, and what day and time they broadcast it... Copy and paste it to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/series/stations/

THIS weekend I strongly recommend all my many loyal gearhead friends listen to NPR's (National Public Radio's) "HEARING VOICES" program. There's going to be a special edition of the radio show this particular weekend called "ENGINE OVERDRIVE". This special edition of the "HEARING VOICES" show will feature audio content of a hot rodding and drag racing nature. You'll hear some "classic" BIG STICK, like our "DRAG RACING" hit, and you'll also be treated to a special sneak preview of our upcoming LP, with a brand new track called "DRAGUMENTARY". You'll dig "DRAGUMENTARY" because it features real racers and great car sounds, laid over a groovy music track that is nothing short of infectious! You might even hear some WILDGIRL sound bites too! The following link will take you to a page on the official "HEARING VOICES" web site, where you'll see a complete listing of ALL the radio stations that carry the program, and when during the weekend they broadcast the show (the day and time). This way you can tune in THIS weekend to hear BIG STICK on the "HEARING VOICES" radio show... Here's the link, copy it and paste it up to your browser... http://hearingvoices.com/news/series/stations

I believe we're all overdue for some SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN promotion. Let's face it, the so-called "postponement" of the Orlando World Street Nationals for this year is quite the news story, breaking the hearts of Outlaw Doorslammer racers and fans across America. We're very fortunate that promoter Dave Hance and his trusty crew are still working "full speed ahead" on making the upcoming, 9th edition, of the SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN race a ravishing success. If you haven't wrote in the dates of October 7-9 on your calendar yet, I strongly suggest you do so right now! Make plans to attend this exquisite event that genuinely ranks as a doorslammin' enthusiast's heaven on earth. Heads-Up Racing is the "real deal" in drag racing, and at SHAKEDOWN, I can guarantee you that there's going to be enough Heads-Up mammoth motored mayhem to keep you on the edge of your seat. Yeah, I know that some of you reading this are saying to yourselves that it's still only August, so why is Diana making such a big deal about a race that's still a couple of months away?-- Well, the reason why I'm giving SHAKEDOWN a push with today's blog is because NOW is the time to make sure everybody writes Oct 7-9 in their datebook-- Now is the time to make sure that you book that particular weekend (Oct 7-9) for your very own unbridled dastardly doorslammer enjoyment!!... Switching gears... I just found out that the BIG STICK feature on National Public Radio (NPR), the one I told you about a few days ago, to be broadcast on the popular "Hearing Voices" program, is going to take place THIS weekend. You'll hear some "classic" BIG STICK, and also a special sneak preview of our new DRAGUMENTARY track, a song that will be featured on our upcoming release. The DRAGUMENTARY track has our old buddy Tom Timko playin' sax on it, the same Tom Timko who has played with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Shakira-- DRAGUMENTARY is a total drag racing audio extravaganza. The program is carried on a heck of a lot of radio stations across the nation. I'll give you more of the details pertaining to BIG STICK on National Public Radio's "Hearing Voices" show with tomorrow's blog... In the meantime, you can check out NPR's "Hearing Voices" radio show web site http://hearingvoices.com


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It's always exciting when we see a racer who has paid lots of dues in the sport capture a big NHRA national event class victory. Johnny Gray is 58 years old and he feels great about his recent winner's circle appearance at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals at Brainerd International Raceway. From behind the butterfly steering wheel of his sleek "Service Central Dodge Charger", Gray managed to get past popular "internet whipping boy" & Don Schumacher team racer Ron Capps to clinch the final round of Nitro Funny Car. Gray recorded a blistering 4.113 at 307mph on the big board with his final round charge, aboard his dastardly Dodge Charger. Johnny Gray used to spend his time Pro Stock racing, you know, the so-called "Factory Hot Rods" (yeah, I know, I know, Franklin Ratliff used to hate it when ya call 'em that), the race cars with working doors were once Johnny Grays' ride of choice, well, it seems these days, that the sensation that comes from gettin' seated inside a Nitro burning ride, with a flip-top body has Johnny Gray going gaga-- He says the raucous ride in the Nitro Flopper is an experience he can't even put into words-- Johnny Gray is loving the "Nitro fix" he gets from being seated in the cockpit of his fabulous Flopper... Our congrats to Johnny Gray and his whole team for giving the Brainerd Funny Car field a swift beatin'... Also congrats to the other Brainerd event winners-- Antron Brown in Top Fuel, Greg Anderson in Pro Stock, LE Tonglet in Pro Stock Bike, Jim Whitely Top Alcohol Dragster, Kris Hool Top Alcohol Funny Car, Randy Hopkins Super Stock, Ron Mattson Stock, Gary Stinett Super Comp, Randy Vados Super Gas, Brian Antony Top Sportsman... P.S. I certainly appreciate all you fine folks sending emails for my "Friday Feedback" feature, keep 'em comin'-- But please keep 'em short and to the point. No rambling please... Thanks... You folks are the best...